Our Pedigree

"previous proven successes demonstrate our capabilities"

We set up our first online shop in 2006 selling washroom products to business such as hand dryers, baby changing tables, and many more hygiene and washroom related items. Our shop had continued growth for five years, even during the recession, and was sold to a major PLC in 2011 for a very substantial sum.

Our dominance of the market on the internet was a key factor in the sale of the business. Our most major service offering top keyword often had five to seven organic listings on the first page of google.

The experience we gained there can still be seen in the online shops we create now. 

Best still, is that the inbound links technique we used then is still available now.  We can get google to cache a new site usually in minutes, certainly within just an hour for a new site.  All inbound links techniques are totally under our control from our own well established sites, some with a history of 15 years with google. All sites are UK based and have valid feature rich content that changes daily. One of the reasons our sites are indexed by the major search engines every day and in many case several times an hour.

It worked for us, we continue to make it work for ourselves, and we make work for others.
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